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A Peculiar Yet Stella Night

NUS takes on a new image by kicking off its first ever Commencement Concert
- featuring Pam Oei & Peculiar Remedies and Stella Ng

photos: mervyn sek

Pam showing the audience her talents lie further than simply acting on stage and on screen.

Even since performing together professionally in 1994, Peculiar Remedies have released one album and have achieved national recognition.

Together with Pam's great vocals, the band exemplified that pure talents with good instruments are all that is needed for them to shine.

The audience was captivated by the fantastic 5-member band, which includes lead guitarist Christopher Toh and dummer Tan Boon Gee.

Pam taking a moment to dance to the accompanying tunes from acoustic guitarist Dominic Wan.

Pam's loud, powerful voice doing the honours with “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”. Bass guitarist Colin Yong is pictured on the left.



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