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Proudly dedicated to Commencement 2001!


A University-wide event celebrating the graduation of the Class of 2001, Commencement 2001 is also an event that marks the Welcoming and Homecoming of all future and past members of the NUS fraternity.

Read about the thoughts and experiences of an graduate in our Special Feature on Arts Valedictorian Edna Tan.

For those who missed the Commencement Concert by Stella Ng, Pam Oei and Peculiar Remedies, catch the Event Review and Exclusive Photos of the pop performances showcasing the best of homegrown talents.

View the Comments about this web journalism project by Gerard Lim, Group Tutor for Hypertext Theory.

Here are some warm wishes from the administration for the graduating Class of 2001:


"Congratulations! NUS is pleased to have served you during your course of study!"

Ms Christine Chen
Acting Registrar





"I hope that the ceremonies and festivities, that have been put together for you, will hold a special place in your memories!"

Associate Professor Victor Shim
Chairperson, NUS Commencement 2001 Committee
Deputy Director, Office of Alumni & Community Relations


"NUS is proud of you, and we share your joy on this great occasion! Now that you are Alumni, we want to assure you that NUS will always be there for you! Let's keep in touch!"

Associate Professor Lawrence Chia
Director, Office of Alumni & Community Relations


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