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Comments: escape

Enter the future of writing - Hyperfiction!


Grade: A

  • Great plot and well-written story within the word length and node requirements. Good control of narrative – the story makes sense whichever path the reader takes. Each node has sufficient links to offer the reader enough options to navigate the story in a variety of ways. Very good use of sound and images, fully exploiting the electronic medium.

  • However, I felt there were 2 weaknesses:

  1. Hyperlinks in your text are not obvious at all – the faint yellow is practically the same colour as the rest of the white text and one needs to mouse over it to find it. Also, links don’t change colour to show that they have already been clicked on – makes it more difficult for reader to know which pathways s/he has already taken, ie. orientation not so user-friendly.

  2. You didn’t provide an outline of the structure of your piece as required by the assignment brief. This would have been especially useful in your case given weakness (1).

  • Overall, a great piece of work which I know you’ve put considerable effort into, though it could have been even better if not for the 2 weaknesses.

Gerald Lim
Group Tutor
Hypertext Theory: Writing in the Electronic Era




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