Codestones Frenzy

These mystical codestones are used for training pets in the Mystical Island Training School
- they are very valuable!

Jerynn is a huge fan of NeoPets! On her 21st birthday, she received these palm-sized codestone replicas created by her pals from the NUS Science CBLC!

Concept:  Mervyn & Wei Keong
Artwork:  Duncan & Wai Kit
Support:  Jason & Yew Jern

photos: mervyn sek & teo wei keong


The 10 codestones unified for power!


Mau Codestone

Tai-Kai Codestone

Lu Codestone

Vo Codestone

Eo Codestone

Main Codestone
Zei Codestone

Orn Codestone

Har Codestone

Bri Codestone


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