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Here's a section dedicated to my Hypertext Theory module!



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    • The rise of electronic culture is radically transforming the ways humans interact both personally and professionally. In fact, the day is approaching when ‘literacy’ will be synonymous with ‘computer literacy’. In this module, we will explore the ways language and writing are reconfigured through electronic media. In particular, we will consider theories of hypertextuality, reader agency, and the decentred, borderless text. Central to the module will be an exploration of the problem of writing in and for e-space. Students can expect to increase their awareness of the challenges and opportunities created by this new space for the writer. In application, the module will require students to produce a series of documents in electronic form that demonstrate their awareness of the unique demands e-space exerts on language use and textual production. Basic training in a web editor (software package) will be provided.
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