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Vol 9 No 1

Two MU Students Selected to Attend 5th Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative

Two MU undergraduate students, 4th year Business Administration major Mr. Tiwat Nitchote and 3rd year Biomedical Sciences major Mr. Wuthisorn Naruemityarn of MU International College, were recently selected to attend the 5th Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative (HYLI) in Singapore on 29 July to 2 August, 2002.

Picture of Mr. Tiwat Nitchote
Mr. Tiwat Nitchote

The HYLI was established in 1996 by the Japanese company Hitachi in order to contribute to the development of young Asian leaders by providing a platform for gifted Asian university students to exchange viewpoints. It offers selected students an opportunity to broaden their outlook on regional and global issues, and promotes a sense of Asian values and cross-cultural understanding through a sharing of common experiences and activities. Each year it is held in one of the six participating Asian countries - Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia or the Philippines.

The HYLI comprises a two-day Forum which includes keynote speeches and plenary sessions where distinguished speakers and student participants discuss a selected theme and sub-themes; as well as closed-door student workshops, community work and participation activities. This year's theme will be 'Asia's Roadmap -- Forging Regional Cohesion for Global Advancement', with the sub-themes of 'Cultivating Entrepreneurial Spirit in Asia', 'The Changing Role of Media in Asia', and 'The Growing Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia'. A White Paper summarizing the results of student discussions will eventually be published.

Picture of Mr. Wuthisorn Naruemityarn
Mr. Wuthisorn Naruemityarn

The two MU attendees were selected on the basis of leadership ability, academic excellence and strong extra-curricular involvement. Mr. Tiwat has previously received a Young Exchange Service Scholarship to study in England, one of only three Thais nationwide. In England, he was recognized for his community service in improving local infrastructure with the 'Shropshire Environment Thinker' award. A swimming enthusiast, Mr. Tiwat was a star swimmer for the Songkla provincial team in secondary school, winning a silver medal in a major regional competition. He hopes to pursue a Master of Business Administration after graduation, and eventually become a politician.

Mr. Wuthisorn has travelled extensively, living in several countries due to his father's position as a Thai diplomat. As a result, he has a keen interest in global politics and business, with previous experience as a political cartoonist, columnist and debater, for which he won second prize in a competition at MU. He is a member of the Drama Club as well. Although entering the field of Biomedical Sciences intending to be a doctor, his international experiences and father's inspiration have turned his sights toward a career in International Relations, with the intention of eventually working for perhaps the United Nations, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.